April 13, 2024


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Making Rap Music Instrumentals That People Groove – 3 Tips to Make the Best Rap Music Instrumentals

Do you know what makes hot and sensational rap music instrumental? Yeah, it’s all about the sound when it hit the ears. Let me just share 3 hot tips with you that will make amazing rap music instrumentals that get people groove and hit the dance floor each and every time.

1) The Instruments Selection

Well, you will need to mix and match the right rhythm of all instruments that compliment among themselves. Focusing on basic hi hat, kick and snare alone is not enough. While they may be the foundation but your must add more variety of music instruments like cymbal, ride and shaker to make your rap music special.

2) Instrumental Style and Pattern

This could the missing puzzle of great rap music beats. You see, it’s normal to see that a high bpm will have an aggressive beat pattern and vice versa. The problem with rap beats over the years is that it has been repeatedly duplicated and reused. So, it’s quite uncommon to hear some fresh, unique and original rap beats. What I suggest you to do is to borrow pattern from other music genre and blend them into your rap beats. If you like a certain kicks and snares, try to avoid using it too often or it could kill your creativity and uniqueness.

3) Learning How to Use the Bassline

Okay, it’s kind of a fanatic when I hear my song and beats banging hard in clubs or rattling someone’s car speaker and woofer. This can be done by creating basslines for your instrumentals. The bassline must not be too soft or too hard that it overlaps the other sounds in your song at the same time. You can also try adding different music instrumentals to play together with your bassline pattern.

Now, once you have mastered all these 3 tips, you are going to tweak your rap beats by adding some sound effect to enhance your instruments. This can be easily done with a good beat maker as the beat maker will allow you full control on the tempo, the meter etc. and a large sound bank of various music genres that you can mix into your beats.