Music Books – The Best Books That Teach You How To Play The Piano

No matter how many instruments are introduced in the market, along with the technologically improved and played ones; there are a few instruments that you can never forget and one of such instruments is piano. Although the keyboard has replaced the sound of the original instrument, one can never forget the peaceful and soothing tune of this black and white beauty. Hence, there are still many families that send their children to piano classes in order to keep the music alive in them. If you talk about the benefits of learning to play piano, there are many; however, all of them focus on two main advantages – peace of mind and a decrease in the feeling of loneliness.

Although people take up different courses to get a hand in playing piano, there are many books that help you learn this wonderful instrument right at your home. Following are the three books that teach how to play piano and have been voted as the best ones by those who have used them:

“Alfred’s teach yourself to play piano”:

Alfred is one of the largest educational music publishers in the world and hence the customers have an already existing trust with whatever is published under the name. Starting from the basic lessons to a little advanced ones; this book has lots of pictures that help you learn to play the mind soothing instrument just the way one should. To add to the visual help, it comes with a DVD that teaches you lessons on how to use your fingers on the piano to play your favorite songs, as you sing along.

“How to play the piano – Everything you need to know to play the piano”

Trust us, although the book’s name is long, it teaches you the basics of this instrument within a few minutes. Of course, you need patience and time in order to be a perfect beginner in playing the instrument. But every single basic detail is mentioned in the best possible way, so that it’s really easy for you to understand the steps and start seeing progress as soon as possible.

The Classic Piano Course Book:

This is not just a book; it has been titled as a “tutor book” by all those who have taken its help to learn their favorite instrument. It starts with an introduction to the instrument, pitching of notes, key signatures and takes the learner to a world of other important aspects that the pianist must be aware of.

A student who has the zeal to give his 100% to learn something, can learn whatever he wishes, even without someone to teach him. However, he grabs the knowledge in a much better, easier and quicker way if there is a proper guide to help him. This is why these 3 best piano learning books may come in handy when you decide to start learning how to play the piano. Of course, the help and guidance of someone with experience in playing the piano would be a great bonus, but as long as you give your best and remain consistent and motivated, you will soon see progress in playing the piano.

Mildred K. Pearson

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