I get it. Our experience as Christians is so transformative and profound, we want to share it with others. But when we cross the line into forcing others or coercing them into complying with our dogma, the teachings of Jesus as we understand it, we’re doing more harm than good. […]

A question from a reader: I recently moved to a completely new place and as my life and my visual input changed, so did my work. I started a couple of new series, which are related to my previous work through the subject matter, but the style is quite different. […]

Not a Walk in the Park Today, visitors who said they were from another planet stopped by to give us a cup of sugar. One of them said, “it looks like you will need this.” I said to them, “of all the things you could bring us from your world, […]

Heart on my Sleeve The following can be understood and consumed as both philosophy and technical advice. Some musicians have the ability to hear passages of music, fully realized in their heads. Mozart and Beethoven come to mind. That’s one reason I play their music when I paint. Representational artists […]