Suppose I came into a possession of a box of junk from my childhood that my mother had neglected to throw out.  Included in the box might be an old baseball from my Little League days.  What would that baseball be worth?  Nothing, of course.  You couldn’t even play ball […]

Roberta and I were being in Western New York a couple of days back and took the option to perspective the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum at Alfred College, a college which a mate who is a ceramic artist calls, “the established Mount Olympus in ceramic education in The usa.”  It’s […]

My first job in the art world was working for Ira Spanierman, who used to run an advertisement with a large headline proclaiming, “We Will Pay Over One Million Dollars for Highly Important Paintings by . . .” followed by a laundry list of famous American artists.  We got calls […]

Practically a ten years in the past, Roberta and I have been going for walks by Grand Central Terminal in New York when we heard exuberant, vaguely African dance songs.  We adopted the sound and came upon a group of dancers putting on elaborate horse costumes and executing precisely choreographed […]