Wedding Planning – Tips on Photography

To make your wedding ceremony a good memory, the best way is to take good photos of it. However, as a marriage ceremony usually lasts a whole day, it can be a difficult and heavy task for a photographer to take good-quality photos without having rest. It is both a trial for the photographer’s physical stamina as well as for his or her patience. If you are a wedding photographer, the following three tips might help you to take good photos.

1. Use a digital camera instead of a film camera.
Among professional photographers, there is an ongoing debate as to whether film camera or digital camera can produce better photos, and the majority of photographers incline to favor film cameras. However, photos in a marriage ceremony is not all about art; it is different from taking other types of photos in that it requires tremendous amount of work and people-you need to work from morning to night and take photos not only of the bride and bridegroom, but also of their parents, their friends, the reception, etc. In view of this, it is a far better choice to choose a digital camera instead of a film camera.

2. Ask your clients about their personal tastes.
As a photographer, perhaps you tend to take photos which you think are beautiful. However, you should always remember that in a marriage ceremony, you are taking photos for your clients rather than for yourself. Therefore, before the ceremony you should ask them about their opinions as to what kind of photo they like and how many they would like to be taken, etc.

3. Make sure that there is enough light.
Light is an important factor in taking good photos. Therefore, when your clients decide upon a date for their ceremony, check the weather on that day. If it is sunny, then you do not have much to worry about; however, if it is rainy or even cloudy, in order to take good photos, you might need to prepare a few pieces of equipment to make up for the light.

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