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Using Patreon To Sell Pots | Heather DeJack | Episode 892

Heather DeJack | Episode 892

Heather DeJack is the operator of The Golden Opal. Heather is a self taught potter who can make slab developed ceramic Tolkien inspired mugs!


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How challenging was it to in fact established up Patreon as a new media system for you?

Perfectly, there’s a lot of customization. It took pretty a lengthy time.

Do you value the expenditure of Patreon into the operate so that you are even now getting your total value?

So persons on Patreon pay back a lot more than my regular Etsy mug, just mainly because they are receiving a customized mug. And I aspect their shipping into the value of their regular monthly payment.

How does that get the job done if somebody be part of internationally. Do you have constraints?

Occasionally I do. I acquire a hit there but I definitely really don’t want to put restrictions on that end. I have already shipped final thirty day period to the U.K., to Canada, to Australia.

Has it aided to amount the spending industry for persons receiving accessibility to your perform?

For the most aspect. Yeah.

Have you heard any individual complaining because there is a lengthy hold out?

Not that I have viewed so considerably. I have not found any individual complain about that.

What is your most loved Tolkien quote?

It is no bad factor to rejoice a simple life. 


Dune by Frank Herbert 

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