The Advantages of Face Painting Cheek Art

The art of face painting began thousands of years ago when it was used by some cultures for hunting and for battle. Other tribes used it for religious ceremonies and important ethnic occasions. Today, it is done more for fun and pleasure. A painting booth can be commonly found in carnivals, fairs and charity events and is always a hit among the crowd. Everyone, children and adults alike, just love to participate. In this type of painting, the entire face is designed to emulate a certain character. However, some people prefer to have just a small part of their faces done. For clients like this, cheek art is your best bet. In cheek art, only the side of the face is covered . But even if the area covered is smaller compared to a full face design, it can be just as exciting and appealing as face painting. Face painting cheek art also has many advantages.

First, cheek art is done on a much smaller area. This saves a lot of time. Compared to painting an entire face, considerably less time is spent when cheek painting. This is perfect both for you and your clients since everyone now seems to be in a hurry. This will also work great if you are painting little kids since children are not known for their patience. They cannot tolerate sitting still for a long period of time. So the faster you get done, the better. Aside from saving a great amount of time, you also get to save money since you will be using considerably less paint. Since quality face paint does not come cheap, this is ideal for customers who are concerned about things like the cost. This will also enable you to price your services at a cost that most people can afford.

Second, cheek art designs are more easily done compared to the bigger and more intricate designs of full face painting. Considerably less effort will be spent on creating the entire design since you will be painting on a much smaller area. And huge and complicated designs are no longer required to make a beautiful creation.

Third, you can be more flexible in your creations. Any design of your client’s choice can be resized and turned into cheek art. You do not even have to paint on the cheeks alone. You can paint anywhere! Face painting cheek art can be done on the shoulders, hands, neck…It depends on where your client wants it.

These are just a few of the advantages of cheek art. But you won’t really know unless you try it for yourself. So pick up that brush now and make your first stroke!

Mildred K. Pearson

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