Oral Piercings Need Not Cause Dental Damage

Because tongue rings and lip rings are often metal, they have the potential to cause teeth erosion or gum recession. There are horror stories all over the internet about the damages this body jewelry can cause. However, don’t forget that there are two sides to every story and that if you take proper care and have regular check-ups, your facial piercings can be perfectly safe.

The first thing you should consider when getting a tongue piercing or lip piercing is using plastic or Bioplast body jewelry. This is made from a synthetic material that will cause much, much less damage to your gums and teeth. It is softer and more flexible and reportedly the “best material for body jewelry.”

Bioplast jewelry comes in a huge variety of colors and designs and costs about the same as steel or titanium jewelry of similar styles. Some report that the balls on Bioplast jewelry tend to become stripped (unable to screw due to ruined threads) more easily than on metal tongue rings but if it will prevent costly dental work in the future, it is worth it.

Dentist reports show that traditional tongue rings, web tongue rings, and even hoop lip rings can be safe for wearers so long as they keep them clean and maintain their regular dental checkups. On the other hand, many agree that the labret piercing has the most potential for damage. This is because the metal backing is constantly touching and rubbing the teeth causing enamel erosion and infection.

This does NOT have to be the case if you use plastic or Bioplast tongue rings. There are dozens of Web sites and many retail stores that sell this kind of body jewelry. Don’t sacrifice your oral safety OR your personal style; pierce anything you want just be sure to use the proper materials to prevent and harm.

Mildred K. Pearson

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