Messalina – The Nymphomaniac Empress

Even his mother, called him a “monster”, because of his ugliness. He stuttered and bruised his words. He could not satisfy or control the wicked Messalina!

The first years of their marriage, rolled calmly. They acquired two children: Clondia Octavia and Vretaniko. Clondia Octavia married Emperor Nero and Vretanikos was murdered by Nero, because of the throne. It is said, that Clondia Octavia was daughter of Messalina’s cousin -Emperor Caligula- because Messalina was very often in his yard.. In 49 AD, Emperor Caligulas was murdered and Claudius took over the empire.

At first, Messalina wanted to eliminate the rivalry. She convinced Claudius, to banish the two sisters of Emperor Caligula. The first one died in exile, but the second one survived and got married to Emperor Claudius, after Messalina’s death! She was the known to us Agrippina!

Messalina, ordered for human executions, either because it was politically motivated or for personal revenge. For example, she punished her stepfather, because he denied her sexual suggestions! She collaborated with the emperor’s secretary, Narcissus and acussed her stepfather that wanted to kill the emperor, Claudius. Claudius was trustworthy, so he executed him.

Furthermore, Messalina was known for her sexual adventures! While Claudius was in a campaign in Britain, Messalina was entertaining the courtiers.. She organized a contest with a famous prostitute from Rome, about which one would serve more men in 24 hours! Messalina was the big winner with 25 lovers! The rumor was, that the aristocratic orgies were not enough for her, so she was acting as a common prostitute. Claudius did not know about his wife. Or at least he was acting like he did not know, just to not fight with her.

Finally, Messalina turned against Claudius. In 48 AD, Messalina had a new lover, the senile Gaius Silius. She got married to him and decided to kill Claudius. Narcissus was accessary of Messalina, but he revealed her plan to Claudius. Messalina tried to talk to Claudius, but he wanted to execute her. As a result, he sent Roman soldiers against her. She had the choice to commit suicide, but finally she could not do it. At the end, the leader of the garrison executed her. Claudius, ordered to execute Gaius Silius and all of the people who knew about the marriage, also. He wanted to eliminate every trace of conspiracy against him!

The story of the life of Messalina, was written many decades after her death. So it is said, that the real facts of her life, were altered by the second wife of Claudius, Agrippina.

Mildred K. Pearson

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