Digital Photography Guide – How to Take Amazing Action Shots Every Time!

Learning to take truly amazing action shots is a skill learned through practice and determination. Keeping up with fast-paced movements is certainly a challenge, especially for beginners. From soccer matches, fast cars, to animals in motion, capturing fast action on a digital camera may be hard, but ultimately rewarding. This digital photography guide will give you some tips to help you achieve this.

Get to know your camera. Get acquainted with its shutter lag features. Usually, digital cameras with less shutter lags take better action shots. The trick is to minimize the shutter lag by pre-focusing before you snap a picture. Try holding down the shutter button halfway. Once you have focused on your subject, press it down all the way to capture every movement of your subject.

Another trick you can use is fast shutter speed. Taking pictures of moving objects requires a camera that is capable of performing at fast shutter speeds. This way, you will not miss a wonderful action shot. Practice shooting on this mode, but remember to try panning your camera and keep your lens on your subject. If continuous shooting mode is available, then you are good to go. Digital cameras with continuous shooting features work efficiently when capturing action shots. It enables you to put every second of your subject’s movement in every frame, giving you a selection from which you can choose the best shot.

If you want to successfully take action pictures, location is crucial. Position yourself well so you can get the full view of the heat and sweat of the action. For instance, when shooting athletes in action, park yourself at the finish line to get that winning shot. If perfect location is somewhat difficult to achieve, then invest in a good lens. This digital photography guide recommends using a 200 mm lens, though you can also use other lenses to achieve different effects. For instance, a zoom lens will help take sharp photos of athletes, clear enough to see the sweat on their brows or the pimple on their cheek.

Lastly, have enough memory capacity. Bring along some backups to prevent limiting yourself to a particular number of shots. For an aspiring photographer, it is important to be prepared. Excellent action photo opportunities tend to come along unannounced.

Turning from a novice photographer into a professional is not easy. People say that it takes years to learn to become a great photographer. However, with valuable discussions and learning modules based on actual photography experiences, moving from an average to a stunning photographer can take as little as fourteen days.

Contrary to common wisdom, you do not need a great digital camera to take great pictures. All you need to have is an effective and supportive teacher that offers photography discussions based on actual experiences, not useless theory. Practical tips like these are more effective in helping you to develop valuable action photo skills. I hope this concise digital photography guide is helpful, and you remember some of the tips when setting out to take your own action shots. Supplement this with an online photography course, and you could be recording successful action shots within a couple of weeks.

Mildred K. Pearson

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