June 14, 2024


Simple Impartial Art

Advanced Animation For Aircraft and Aerospace Advancement

There are more than a bundle of job openings for those who have a good working knowledge of advanced animation, and despite what you might think companies whether in entertainment, video games, concept renderings or educational training are all doing well in the recession. Dream Works has been posting consecutive profits and has been hiring for advanced animation artists. It’s an excellent career path, but let’s discuss the future needs of a esoteric niche within the field of animation shall we?

Concept animation is a very powerful tool to get an idea across, and it is as if those who are making the decisions need to see the concept to have buy-in. A company that can produce quality renderings in full video 3D, if believable are much more likely to get funding, or win a contract. Over the last couple of years, there has not been one major aerospace company that has sold to the Department of Defense an air based weapons system that did not put forth a world class animated video.

Check the records yourself; if you have such a presentation ready to go, you are much more likely to win the bid, in fact sometimes getting funding for concepts is more about who has the best video presentation than who has the best lobbyists with the highest lunch budgets for key members of the Armed Services Committee.

Look, here is the deal if you want to win, you have to convince and you better have a first class demonstration video to prove you are serious. If not, stay at home on the porch, as this game is for the big dogs and they love to run. Advanced Animation for Aircraft and Aerospace Advancement is no longer part of the future, it’s part of the present, so please consider this.