Wood Body Jewelry – Why Wood Body Jewelry is So Popular

If you want to add a sleek, sophisticated addition to your body jewelry collection, consider buying wood body jewelry. This organic jewelry style is increasing in popularity for several reasons, so let’s take a closer look at various types of wood body jewelry and what type of wood to look for…

Wood Body Jewelry: An Overview

Although not particularly common in comparison to other varieties, wood body jewelry is becoming more and more popular. It is quite durable and can be crafted into unique, imaginative styles. Further, it is organic and a natural product, which appeals to many buyers.

Normally, body piercing jewelry comes in various metals, like gold, titanium, bioplast, and surgical steel. The most important factor when choosing a particular piece is how it will adapt to your piercing.

In general, wood is quite safe for any piercing. However, it is not recommended for a fresh piercing because chances are good there will be an irritation. Make sure your piercing is completely healed before considering a piece made from wood. For a new piercing, we recommend bioplast, a form of plastic that is more flexible than wood or other materials.

Types Of Wood To Consider

There are about fifteen different woods that are used to craft body piercing jewelry. Here is a comprehensive list, and we strongly recommend you only choose an item made from any of these woods for safety reasons.

The types of wood are: Rosewood, Ebony, Maple, Bamboo, Cherry, Holly, and Mahogany. These are the basic seven, and there are variations of these general types.

Another commonly used wood isn’t really a wood, but a laminate made to look like wood. It’s dymondwood, and it is a good choice too. Dymondwood is a blend of several several different woods which give a striped or textured appearance. Pieces made from dymondwood are usually quite distinct and beautiful, and it is safe to use in piercings.

Wood body jewelry is most often used for plugs you can wear in your ears, but new styles are constantly being introduced. Wood is generally easy to work with so there is really no limit to the varieties you can find. It does tend to be less commonly available, though. Certain types of wood are quite expensive, but in general you will find wooden pieces are comparable in cost to gold, titanium, or surgical steel items.


Wood body jewelry is becoming more and more popular due to its exotic look and versatility in design. Two main factors should be kept in mind. First, never use this type of jewelry on a fresh piercing. Make sure the piercing is 100% healed in order to avoid irritation and possible infection.

Second, only buy certain types of wood as not all types are suitable for body jewelry. Refer to the list in this article as your guide.

Mildred K. Pearson

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