June 14, 2024


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What To Text A Girl – How To Use Callback Humor To Create Instant Attraction

A lot of guys struggle with not know what to text a girl in order to get her to feel that same excitement and attraction that she felt when she first met you.

But what if I told you that there is a technique for texting her that could pull her back into the state that she was in when you two met? You know, the state where she was having fun, feeling adventurous, and most importantly, thought you were really cute. Well, cute enough to give you her number at least.

Well There Is A Text Flirting Technique That Will Do Just That And It’s Called…

“Callback Humor”

Callback what? Callback humor. It basically text messages that make her remember certain things that happened the night before and thus bring her back into that emotional state that she was in.

See when you met this girl at the bar or club or where ever, she was in a fun, flirtatious mood. But if you were to text the next day while she’s at work or doing the laundry, she most likely won’t be in the same state of mind. Therefore she will be much less likely to respond positively to you.

So the idea is that by reminding her of something funny, or exciting, or thrilling that happened the previous night, you force her to access that memory in her brain and thus “callback” the emotion associated with it.

Plus, the best part is that she will in turn associate that positive emotion with you. It’s kind of like the whole Pavlov’s dog thing.

So How Exactly Do You Use Callback Humor?

Well the first crucial step is to have a good time with her or at least notice the things that are making her have a good time.

This is where solid game comes in. This is where you use PUA techniques like Push Pull, or humor to create a positive feeling and build attraction. After all, if you want to make her remember the good time, there has to be a good time to remember!

OK, so assuming you got the first step down, the next step is simply to send her a text that reminds her to what happen. It’s best to use specific examples here.

Don’t just say, “Hey, it’s Joe. Sure had a great time last night!”

That’s too vague and it’s won’t trigger anything. You could still just be some random dude she just met last night.

Instead try to reference a specific event or thing.

For example, you could say something like this,

“Man, how crazy was the bar last night? Remember when you got on stage to dance, and almost slipped off? LOL”

Assuming she had fun dancing on stage, this text will put her back into that excited state and mostly likely make her smile as she remembers it.

Another Great Way To Use Callback Humor Is…

Nicknames. Giving her a nickname is a great way to anchor in the feeling that she had when you gave her that nickname.

Now, whenever you call her by that name, she will be automatically remind of the circumstances in which she got the name.

It also serves the purpose of creating a playful dynamic between you two.

And on top of that, it will sub-communicate to her that you two are very close and friendly. I mean, who else would have a nickname for you except people who are very close to you?

An example of this would be if she is very athletic and like to go rock climbing and whatnot, you can give her the nickname Tomb Raider.

Then later, you can text her a message that reads, “Hey Tomb Raider! What kind of trouble are you causing now?”

Again, notice the playful tone of the text. Having a nickname for someone almost forces you to be playful with that person. So if you’re like me and have some trouble loosening up with a girl at first, giving her a nickname can be a great way to get the ball rolling.