Uncommon Facts About Body Piercing and Jewelry

If we would define the term body piercing, we would find that it is somewhat a more popular term for body modification, in which a person creates a hole or puncture in his/her body part(s) to wear some specifically designed jewelry. These body parts could be nostrils, ear lobes, upper or outer ears, genitals, nipples, belly buttons, lips, chin, eyelashes, eyebrows, tongue, etc. There is something very magnetic about people with visible body piercing. Both males and females go for it, because of various reasons, which we’ll talk about later in the article.

14% among all have piercing in other than traditional body parts.

Earlobe and nostril piercing are the two most common types of piercings people opt for. But did you know, ‘about fourteen percent of the people on earth have piercing in body parts other than ears and nose’? Well, a research conducted in the year 2006 says so.

It’s an old custom.

And, did you also know that the anthropologists and archeologists have found the first solid evidence of body knifing around 2500 BC; they have found an earring, and have traced its age, via carbon-aging system. The tribes used it as a rule is the most common belief, however, the researchers are still digging to find more clues on it. So far, the history diggers have unearthed many mummified bodies with ear piercing. African, American, Indian tribes used to wear rings and jewelries in many body parts, including ears, nose and lips.

Even ancient texts have mentions of earrings.

There is some mentioning about earrings in the Holy Bible (in Genesis 35:4 and 24:22). Furthermore, in several thousand years old Indian mythology, illustration of Devi Laxmi wears earrings. Even more, the oldest text on earth, the Vedas quote the earrings of the Goddess Laxmi.

Numerous reasons for numerous people for wearing body jewelries

Opinions change from people to people. It is a very famous saying which deems true when people express their views on body modification. In many, if not most, parts of the globe, people have different judgments on this tradition. Some believe it is a sin to wear jewelries in genitals, while those who choose it affirm that genital piercing has boosted their sex drive. There is a huge majority that sports body jewelries for enhancing their style statement.

Doctors, on the other hand, have a very different stance. Puncturing a specific body part to wear a piece of ornaments should be done carefully. There could appear a number of side effects, if practiced wrongly or unhygienically. Wearing best quality ornaments is always suggestible.

Mildred K. Pearson

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