Top 22 Best-Selling Displates of 2022, According To Collectors

With over 1.5 million designs, Displate can boast some incredible artworks from every fandom and universe imaginable. But some pieces just seem to resonate more with our community than others. Below we give you a peek at the top 22 best sellers that you, devoted collectors, bought in droves in 2022—all discounted up to 41% as part of our Black Friday sale!

While being spoilt for choice isn’t exactly a bad thing, we understand that narrowing down your Displate wishlist to just a handful of pieces can be daunting. To help make your decision-making process slightly easier (and to give you some major design inspiration), we’ve rounded up the 22 most popular crowd-pleasers of the year so far. We reckon if your like-minded brethren and sistren have been snapping these up, you might too!

And because we want you to get your hands on as many of these fantastic designs as possible, starting November 18, the more of them you add to your cart, the more your savings grow! With the code BLACK, you’ll get 33% off 1-2 plates, 37% off 3-4 plates, and an impressive 41% off 5 or more. Yes, that means you can snag multiple artworks from this list and still save a pretty penny.

A disclaimer before we dive in: there are no geeky pleasures you should feel guilty about here. No secret TV show you’re binging on for the third time. No video game you’re playing for the hundredth hour. Just pure, unadulterated Displate eye candy that celebrates all the things you love. Here we go!

#22 Scarlet Witch

We’re sure it will come as no surprise to you that a certain witchy Avenger made it onto this list. Wanda Maximoff, or the Scarlet Witch as she’s better known, has been a fan-favorite since her MCU debut in 2014. This particular design depicts Wanda at her most spellbinding, with a fiery red hue in the background and tendrils of energy snaking their way around her visage. What’s not to love?

#21 Polite Cat Meme 

Cats and memes go together like peanut butter and jam, and Ollie, the Polite Cat, is no exception. Well, technically, he is because he looks very polite, but that’s not the point. The point is this design by artist Mashz has struck a chord with feline lovers and meme connoisseurs who can’t get enough of Ollie and his impeccable manners. And we can’t blame them!

#20 Lucy Edgerunners

The anime adaptation of the Cyberpunk 2077 video game quickly gained a dedicated following when it aired earlier this year. And the character everyone seems to be talking about is Lucy, the mysterious netrunner whose hard exterior hides a much more vulnerable side. This design captures Lucy sporting her cropped white jacket, surrounded by the chaotic neon landscape of Night City.

#19 Mount Fuji From Yamanaka

Mount Fuji is one of Japan’s most iconic landmarks and has been the subject of numerous works of art throughout the centuries. This particular take on the famous mountain oozes tranquility, with the serene blue waters of Lake Yamanaka providing a perfect contrast to Fuji’s snow-capped peak. Just looking at it makes us feel more relaxed already. Thanks, aeiaua, for this little slice of paradise!

#18 Bonfire

This haunting creation by Francoyovich features a lone knight sitting by a bonfire in what seems to be an abandoned castle nestled in the woods. Gnarly trees, ethereal light, and a raven perched atop the ruins give the piece an otherworldly feel, making it a perfect addition to any fantasy fan’s collection. Just don’t stare at it for too long, or you might get lost in the dark depths of the forest!

#17 Juggernog

This vibrant piece comes to us from the Call of Duty Official Brand Shop and features everyone’s favorite in-game perk, Juggernog. The bright colors are sure to stand out on your wall, and who doesn’t need a little pick-me-up right about now? This design has been a hit with CoD fans, and we feel it’s only going to get more popular with the recent release of Modern Warfare II.

#16 Wolf Swordsman

Is there a sight more badass than a sword-wielding wolf with flames licking at its feet? We think not. The dark and moody color palette is perfect for setting the tone in any room, and we can just imagine this scene playing out in our favorite fantasy novel. We’re howling for more, and if you are, too, read our interview with Anato Finnstark for more information about him and his art!

#15 Moon Knight Eyes

Are you looking to add a little fear factor to your wall art collection? Moon Knight is one of the most popular crime-fighters in the MCU, and his signature glowing peepers are sure to strike terror into the heart of any trespasser who dares to step into your room uninvited. A conversation starter and a villain deterrent, is there anything this Displate can’t do?

#14 Stranger Things S1 Boys

Earth to nerds. Do you copy? You better because this design from the Stranger Things Official Brand Shop has been flying off the shelves faster than you can say “Upside Down.” Featuring the gang from the first season and the Mind Flayer looming menacingly in the sky above, it’s a perfect piece for any fan of the show. If you don’t have it already, now’s the time to snag it!

#13 Mustafar

Two silhouettes crossing lightsabers against a backdrop of orange and red is all it takes to send chills down the spine of any Star Wars fan. Mustafar, the site of Obi-Wan and Anakin’s fateful duel, is one of the most memorable locations in the Star Wars universe. Here it’s captured in all its lava-filled, volcano-ridden glory. No surprise Displaters have been snapping this one up left and right!

#12 Darth Vader

Coming up next on our list is the Sith Lord himself, Darth Vader. Arguably the most famous villain in movie history, Vader has quite a few Displate designs made in his honor, but this is hands down your favorite of the bunch. With his red lightsaber and dark cape billowing behind him, he looks every bit the part of an intergalactic baddie. And is that Force Lightning we see crackling around him? We sure hope so!

#11 Leak

Trippy space art at its finest, this design comes to us courtesy of Francis and Laurence Minoza, brothers who make up the design duo Nicebleed. A leaky spacesuit helmet superimposed over the black void of the universe—we couldn’t think of a more captivating image if we tried. Space nerds and art lovers have been clamoring for this one, and we can see why. It’s out of this world!

#10 Geralt’s Sword

The story goes that every witcher carries two swords: a silver sword for slaying monsters and a steel sword for slaying men. This uber-popular design from Witcher 3 Official Brand Shop features Geralt unsheathing a massive, rune-covered blade, whether for man or monster, we’re not sure. But one thing’s for certain—we wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that thing! Unless it’s hanging on our wall, of course.

#9 Webhead

With great power comes great responsibility, and nobody knows that better than a certain web-slinging superhero from Queens. This design depicts the titular character from Marvel’s Spider-Man video game, looking ready to take on the world (or at least whatever thug is unfortunate enough to cross his path). Who wouldn’t want this Displate hanging on their wall?

#8 Darksaber

Legend has it that to win Darksaber, one must first defeat its owner in combat. Luckily, getting your hands on this design from the Star Wars Official Brand Shop doesn’t require quite so much bloodshed. Just click “add to cart,” and it’s all yours! However, we can’t guarantee that your roommates won’t be jealous of your new Displate. Then all bets are off…

#7 Colors of Space

Hats off to Benny Productions for this mesmerizing tribute to the beauty of outer space! A kaleidoscope of cosmic colors offset by the stark blackness of the night will leave you feeling both awestruck and inspired. If you’re a fan of photo manipulation art or simply want to feast your eyes on some wildly inventive digital artwork, this Displate is for you!

#6 Koi Fish Yin Yang

Take it from your fellow Displaters—this one’s a real catch! Created by the ever-popular RubyArt, this piece is a perfect way to add a touch of zen to your wall decor. Featuring a pair of koi fish forming a yin-yang symbol, it shows us that we can find beauty in balance and harmony. Hang for display in your meditation corner or home office as a reminder to keep the peace within.

#5 Captain Rex Graffiti Helmet 

Star Wars and street art—talk about a winning combo! Any fan will tell you that the Clone Wars were some of the most pivotal years in galactic history. And out of all the clone troopers who fought in that war, none were more iconic than Captain Rex. No wonder his unique hawk-eyed helmet rendered in a graffiti style has been such a hit with Displaters—it’s 10/10 any way you slice it!

#4 Mandalorian S2

While there’s no shortage of excellent Star Wars designs on Displate, this one from the franchise’s official Displate shop is a standout, and judging by its popularity, you all seem to agree! Decked out in shiny Beskar armor and toting a blaster pistol, this Mandalorian is ready for action. With the Child tucked safely away in his satchel, of course. After all, he’s one papa who always puts family first!

#3 The Painted World of Ariaric

Okay, it’s time to unveil our top three best-selling designs!

First up on our shortlist is The Painted World of Ariaric by VaatiVidya, designed in collaboration with Ricardo Emig. Collectors have been gobbling it up like crazy, and for a good reason! Besides being an absolutely gorgeous piece of artwork, it’s a love letter to certain notoriously difficult and dark action RPGs, with multiple references to the games hidden within the design.

#2 Oblivion

Benny Productions going once, Benny Productions going twice… SOLD! The Photoshop wizard’s jaw-dropping Oblivion took the number two spot on our list, and it’s not hard to see why. With the tiny astronaut suspended in the dark void of space and the debris from a shattered planet floating all around him, it’s the kind of design that grabs you by the eyeballs and doesn’t let go.

#1 Judgmental Duck

Ha! Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Topping our list of best-selling designs for the year 2022 is none other than Judgmental Duck by Tiberius Ciucinciu. Ol’ Quackers here might not be a superhero or a professional monster hunter, but he has a stare that could crush coal into diamonds, and that counts for something. We’re pretty sure he’s judging us, but we don’t mind because this design is just too good!

Over to You!

Phew, that was a lot of amazing art, but what does our list tell us? That people can’t get enough of sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming designs? That stern-looking poultry is taking over the world? Or that Displate collectors have excellent taste? We’ll let you be the judge! One thing’s for sure, though—every single one of these designs is stellar in its own way, and we’re honored to have them hanging on the walls of Displaters all over the world.

What are your thoughts on our top 22 list? Did your favorite design make the cut? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to take advantage of our Black Friday sale while it lasts!

Mildred K. Pearson

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