April 13, 2024


Simple Impartial Art

"Strange Pain" by Artist Felicia Chiao

“Strange Pain” by Artist Felicia Chiao

A selection of photographs from Felicia Chiao’s first solo present in New York City. Chiao’s autobiographical operate gives visible representations of very distinct but utterly acquainted aspects of the human knowledge, producing worlds in which thoughts get on physical form. In “Strange Pain” one’s stress seems as an amorphous blob looming close to the corner and depression a persistent, cat-like companion. As Chiao clarifies further more:

“Strange Soreness is about the little, undefinable pains you in some cases feel when very little is specifically mistaken. It can occur as that ache you sense from a unfortunate song or that fleeting wave of despair that arrives in excess of you although ready for water to boil. It can be the tightness in your upper body before a social celebration or that imprecise feeling of guilt you at times get, even although you have carried out nothing at all mistaken. Bizarre pains are difficult to place into text but this body of get the job done does its finest to check out them.”

Inspite of Chiao’s concentration on inner thoughts of irritation, her get the job done evokes its have sense of coziness and camaraderie as we can all share a perception of recognition or enjoy the simple magnificence of a tree rising out of a building toward the solar. See more pictures from “Strange Pain” below or on exhibit at Harman Jobs December 17 – January 7.