April 23, 2024


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figurative mixed media painting by Irina Sigalovsky

Mystical Mixed Media Paintings by Irina Sigalovsky I Artsy Shark

Artist Irina Sigalovsky shares a magical selection of narrative watercolor and blended media paintings. See more of her portfolio on her site.


abstract mixed media landscape by Irina Sigalovsky

“Magic Forest” gouache, ink pen and pencil, 12″ x 9″


I would like to share my painting process with you even however I am still hoping to determine it out myself. I know, of system, that it is a journey that by no means ends.


abstract mixed media figurative painting by Irina Sigalovsky

“Hobbit apocalypse” ink, watercolor and pencil, 15″ x 11″


Most of the time, I get started my get the job done with moist stains of ink or watercolor on paper. Then I enable the color move in which it would like to go, occasionally tilting or carefully blowing at the fluid. I very enjoy observing how distinct shades interact with each other in the liquid medium. The paint is absorbed by the paper in unpredictable and astonishing ways.


abstract mixed media landscape by Irina Sigalovsky

“Oceanic worlds I” watercolor and ink pen, 11″ x 15″


I then administer the Rorschach check to myself and glimpse within my thoughts for associations. I like the painting to direct me wherever it wishes to go and retain my thoughts open to the possibilities.


mixed media landscape by Irina Sigalovsky

“Return of the Old Fairytale” ink, watercolor and pencil, 11″ x 15″


Quite often it goes to some magical put in my head that was possibly established following examining way too several fairy tales with stunning illustrations when I was a kid. I by no means missing my like of wonderfully illustrated fairy tales.


figurative mixed media painting by Irina Sigalovsky

“Old storyteller” watercolor, pen and pencil, 12″ x 9″


As I operate on the portray, I oscillate concerning this incredibly intuitive method and a rational mode when I feel logically about composition, value, equilibrium and shade. In the stop, having said that, intuition often wins.


figurative mixed media painting by Irina Sigalovsky

“Swamp Elf” watercolor and ink pen, 24″ x 18″


I imagine a good deal about what the portray is about, what tale it is striving to convey to and what emotions it conveys. I also imagine about the ideal time to cease. Sometimes it is clear, but typically it is a gamble.


abstract mixed media painting by Irina Sigalovsky

“One working day she grew wings and identified herself among the the birds” watercolor, 9″ x 12″


Ultimately, I have fun with the title. Occasionally I know precisely what I want to identify the perform and sometimes I ask other individuals. Social media is excellent for that.


figurative mixed media painting by Irina Sigalovsky

“Waiting for the missing ones” ink, watercolor, pencil and ink pen, 12″ x 18″


Of training course, inquiring other folks about how they would title a painting is akin to polling them on their psychological associations. It’s generally fantastic and pleasant to see how many folks appear up with pretty distinct, sometimes even reverse, interpretations of what is on the paper.


abstract mixed media painting by Irina Sigalovsky

Untitled, watercolor, ink, ink pen and pencil, 11″ x 15″


The truth that painting is a journey is important to me I really like all the unexpected turns, bows and elbows that come about on the way. I really like the occasional accident with paint—loss of manage and not knowing wherever I am going. And I even love psychological blocks since I know that I can get over them if I allow factors be and have patience.


Artist Irina Sigalovsky invites you to adhere to her on Instagram.


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