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Curse of the Mysterious Honeybee – Part of the Cadaverous Planets


Curse of the Mysterious Honeybee

[Part of the Cadaverous Planets]

Chapter One

The Plan

(Tfarcevol))Tig)) where did they come from? It was a question everyone was asking and now there were a lot of conspiracy theories. But they came from the hands of a Moirommalit, perhaps the most famous intellectual of Planet Moiromma, the planet outside the solar system of earth’s, which runs parallel (the year is AD 2016).

Tig, or Tfarcevol, had lived his life, as legend tells it on this cold planet called Moiromma, but he was resurrected into a ghostly form, he couldn’t transform himself completely, I mean it was his 101-resurrection, and he did so, so he could guard the citadel of Haiti. I suppose if any man on Moiromma could figure out a way to get one more resurrection out of life, or existence’s future, it would have been him, known as the Plato, the wise man of Moiromma, the Einstein of his Planet of his day, he now was on earth, and had left the citadel in Haiti to its own accord, he had bigger plans. He wanted to starve the world, mad he was, or became, and angry as if earth had done Moiromma wrong, had wronged Moiromma by hunting down his countrymen like missing links. They had done that for some 1000-years, thinking they were misfits, calling them Grendel, and other such names.

And so he devised his plan, it would involve starving the United States first, then parts of South America, those parts that supplied the world with medicines, such as, along the Amazon, then Canada, and Europe, the great economies of the world, then the whole world per se.

He made his home in St. Paul, Minnesota, a conservative city of the Midwest, and there, on Abermable Street, his neighbors unaware of his workings, he drew out his plans, in the vacant house at 1094, owned previously by a poet, he knew slightly by his interest in his planet; he knew he was at this time in Peru, and his house was up for sale, and would remain in Peru for a long spell.

He created in the basement of this house, a chemical called HBPV (The Honeybee Pollinate Virus). This would stop the honeybee from pollinating the flowering crops of the world, which is perhaps 90%, dealing with apples, nuts, avocados, soybeans, asparagus, broccoli, celery, squash and cucumbers; to include, citrus fruit, peaches, kiwi, cherries, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, cantaloupe and other melons.

It has been said one third of humanities foods comes from insect-pollinated plants, and the honeybee is responsible for 80% of the pollination process. On Moiromma, there is no pollination at all, nor honeybees. This he figured would even destroy the cattle, which ate alfalfa, and of course the bee is involved with this process as well. Thus, it would take but a few years until the collapse of the world food chain he figured. And the virus would not infect anyone but the bee population. And by the time the scientists found the cure, the food supply would be next to nil, and money would not be able to buy a once of beef, fruit or vegetable; there just wouldn’t be any to buy, period!.

Chapter Two

The Virus

It took Tig, several months to mix the ingredients he needed. His ghostly form, could be thickened to an almost fleshly structure, and with his capability of flight, he himself absorbed the virus in its liquid form, and in the dark of the night, knowing the honeybees of America, were not equipped to combat his poisons and disease very well, he flew over the honeybee farms of America and exposed them to his absorbing poisons, as if being a parasite.

Thus, the bees could not weather this storm, the tempest Tig of Moiromma threw at them. One by one, each day, everyday, 365-days the first year, Tig, filled his body up like a balloon, like a sponge, a parasite, and planted his seeds, his perfect infection; they had no resilience to bounce back.

Then he went on to Brazil and Peru, infecting the waters and insects along the shores, the crisis threatened to wipe out the crops there as it had in the United States, it was just a matter of time now. Then onto Europe he went.

The first year, the value of the devastation from the short supply of food was $15-billion dollars in the USA alone, the second year the same, and 10-billion for Europe. The third year he infected all 17,000-species of bees, and a world food supply of $135-billion dollars, from Japan, to China, Europe and America, and Brazil, for the most part.

Chapter Three

The Bees?

As the scientists figured out, there were no worker bees in their hives, just new born bees, and the queen. Evidently the bees seemed to have left the hive, died off some other place, they were not present. They looked for them everyplace. What Tig had done was, weakened the bee, and distorted his mind as well as infecting his internal pollination processing abilities, so he could not make it back, or even figure out where he came from, and he’d die in some lonely spot, a few days later, trying to pollinate.

The governments of the world tried radically to reintroduce new bee colonies to the world, and some of it worked, but it was the forth and fifth year of Tig’s revengeful plan, and he had done a lot of homework, and leg work in this ongoing disaster, and the world could not keep up with demand and supply, and the people of the countries involved, became parasites themselves, killing as they did on Moiromma for flesh to eat, cannibalism became a new hypothesis for the people of the world to ponder on (for survival purposes), as it was normal on Moiromma (he had created a one-celled parasite fungus), and spread it around the world).

The Captive colonies of the USA sank (in 2019) to 100,000-honeybees, from almost six million in 1947. What one of the scientist wanted to do, had plans to do was to equip the new born honeybees with genes that would take poisons out of its system, if planted into them, an immune-disease-fighting gene, consequently, whatever toxins came into it, would not affect the bee in the long run.

Once Tig got hold of this information, he flew to Troy University, where Doctor Jerry Mayo was doing his experiments, vulnerable he was in his lab, so Tig thought, Tig behind him watching (he did have a high respect for scientists, he was one, once himself, and so he remain still in amazement and observing Mayo’s progress, perhaps a mistake at best, curiosity always kills the cat, so I am told), he noticed his beehive thriving, he had found the formula for the next generation, and kept this hive germ free.

As Tig, materialized feeling safe, Doctor Mayo instinctively feeling he was present (and evidently knowing something about the inhabitants of Moiromma, and the legends of Tig), quickly sprayed Tig with a paralyzing solution.

Written 5-3-2007