Music in the Workplace Over the ages, music has held a place in the working environment. From it’s use in the earliest of times until its near extinction during the Industrial Age to the present day, music has played a vital role to employees. A Brief History Music is a […]

Music Success in Nine Weeks by Ariel Hyatt has just been released in its second edition. Many of you indie musicians have wondered if the book is worth the purchase, and I’d like to break down the chapters in order to help you make an informed decision. Ariel Hyatt is […]

The word “organic” is used quite a bit these days. We hear it in business as organic growth and now we hear it with regard to music recording and podcasting. The term “organic” has come to refer to something that is natural, authentic, and has core value. For example, the […]

The music industry has evolved over the years for the better certainly. Today’s recording artist are able to control their own songs and catalogs as long as they do not sell out. With the many gadgets and tools used today to make new sounds with certain programs; music creators do […]

I am not sure if anyone has been watching out there, about the types of music that we are listening to. Let us look at them for a minute. Our grandparents listen to music like; “Happy Days are Here Again, the Skies Above Are Clear Again.” Kids today listen to […]