Belly Piercing Jewelry – The Sexiest Piercing of All

The navel is one of the most sensual and erogenous parts of your body and what better sight than glittering belly piercing jewelry teasing one from a well toned slender stomach. There was no sign of navel rings until 1994, when super model Christy Turlinton not only introduced but also immortalized the fashion of body piercing. She walked the ramp at a fashion show in London flaunting her bare midriff with a ring in the middle of her navel. Following her Naomi Campbell flaunted her bare midriff with a gold belly button ring.

there is a great variety of body jewelry available for navel piercing; surgical steel rings, 14k and 22k gold plated surgical steel, titanium rings, rings with charms on them and captive bead rings, barbells and labarets. You can also have crystal beads or gold plated beads as an extra feature on any of the available rings. And after the piercing is healed you can hang a charm off the ring or put a waist chain through it. Navel jewels can also be worn, they are like a bent barbell with a small ball on top and a larger ball on the bottom which has a gemstone set in it, the gemstone sits in your navel

the two most common designs for belly piercing jewelry are the belly ring and the belly bar. Piercing is done with either the rings or the curved bars. The curved bars have two balls at each end, to close the bars. Normally, these balls have inscriptions or pictures on them.

While selecting navel jewelery, two measurements should be kept in mind the width of a ring and the diameter of the bar, which refers to the length of the bar. Jewelery comes in varying sizes and thickness or the gauge of the piece. Thin jewelery will have larger gauge numbers and vice-versa. The typical size for a belly button ring is 14g 7/16′ but now belly rings in any gauge and in any length from a quarter to one inch are freely available.

The most commonly used material is steel. Plain or surgical steel with acrylic or steel balls are used for piercing. The other choices in metal are gold 14 carat or 18 carat. Titanium and silver are all used for belly piercing jewelery. The use of nickel is not recommended.

Belly button piercing is the second most pierced body part after the ears. Belly piercing jewelery is very sensuous both to wear and watch.

Mildred K. Pearson

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