Belly Button Rings – The Most Popular Body Jewelry!

There is a good number of body jewelry retailers on the Internet and the market is teeming with small online stores among the market leaders. After seeing just a few of them it is becoming very clear that a great part of their assortment consists of belly button rings. The question may arise – what has caused navel piercing gain such a mass popularity?

Allegedly belly piercing came to the surface of society in the early 90ies when the top models like Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell appeared on stage sporting belly button rings. Around that time navel piercing scene was shown in the Aerosmith’s video Cryin’ where Alicia Silverstone was getting pierced. The above mentioned events are believed to make millions of girls running to the piercing parlors and getting their belly buttons pierced.

As time passed the belly piercing became as common as ear piercing and less and less people consider it to belong to other piercing categories like facial, tongue or surface piercings. Girls get their navels pierced at earlier stage and the average age seems to be around 14 years. Many celebrities sport belly piercings and eventually the stigma making parents to forbid their daughters getting navel piercing disappears.

In the early days the standard piece of body jewelry used to insert into the girls navels was a ball closure ring or BCR. However lately the market demand has shifted and navel bananabells or barbells have locked their position as the industry standard.

The most interesting part of this is that navel bananabells are very often referred to as belly button rings – obviously because generally speaking everyone calls all the navel jewelry belly button rings. As a consequence when one is shopping for body jewelry online they cannot know only after the description if the navel jewelry of the corresponding category is bananabells or ball closure rings. Nonetheless a huge share of the body jewelry sold on the Internet is navel bananabells and when shoppers search for belly button rings they can be pretty sure they will end up seeing barbells.

There are some medical advantages to navel barbells versus ball closure rings as well. They don’t project to much outwards and the piercing hole is subject to less tearing. Bananabells are also easier to change since no special pliers are required to take the piercing out and taking into account the very reasonable price of the body jewelry on the Internet any girl can afford sporting a new belly ring every day of the week!

Probably somewhere down the line we will see prestige online jewelry stores selling belly button rings along high quality gold and platinum earrings and wedding rings. We have to admit that the concept of a navel ring blends seamlessly within the range of accessories every lady should have!

Mildred K. Pearson

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