May 19, 2024


Simple Impartial Art

Animation in India – An Excellent Opportunity

Will India be the future of animation technologies? Could be and they may well be on their way. For someone who has these skills there it can mean a successful career and meaningful work. Plus it can save US Companies huge amounts of money and this means with lower budgets, the world will see more animation at a lower price.

In fact, in an article in Knowledge@Wharton the electronic newsletter for Wharton International Business School, there was an interesting article; “Frame by Frame, Indian Animators Move Up the Value Chain,” which discussed films currently being created in Mumbai, India. The movies are created there, and licensed through companies here.

Many of the animated movies we see in the US in the future will be partially completed, or completely done and outsourced to animators in India. How big is the industry? Well, friends of Wharton in that country say it generates up to 500 million dollars per year now, and could easily double by 2012. This is huge news and great timing for those considering a career in the field. It is a huge growth industry.

Will this hurt US animation jobs in Los Angeles? Well, it certainly could on a temporary basis due to the recession, but there as more animation hits the scenes and with all the video game, simulation, and future social-networking-animation expected, there should be lots of jobs all over the world. Right now in their country they will have to work extremely hard just to keep up with demand. It takes a lot of work to train new animators, but luckily they have lots of people interested that they can train. Please consider all this.