7 Future Preditions of Computer Animation

Computer animation is created by two or three dimensional graphics of computers. Two dimensional computer animation is used for quick rendering and for low bandwidth animation. In cartooning, the computer to be used and the film that is the image generated by the computer is considered. This is a concern especially when making a movie. To create movement in a model, the photo is placed in the screen monitor of the computer used and then changed by a slightly shifted image that looks the same as the previous one. This method is used in making motion pictures to project a movement that is an illusion of how it is with reality.

All computer animated objects uses different computer programs for the detailed representation of the characters in the film. A great challenge for animators is to make a realistic image of humans using computer animation. Today, movies that are computer animated are mostly animal or fantasy models and sometimes humans that are made to look like a cartoon. There are many attempts for movies that are computer generated to make human characters look real. This can be seen in movies like “The Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within”. But because of the complexity to replicate the human body, motion, and biomechanics, it is still a big problem to simulate real humans.

It was planned to make a software program wherein the artist will create a sequence in a movie that shows a photo of a realistic human model, going through some believable movements. The clothes and the physical attributes of a real human like the hair are included in making the realistic human photo. It is also the animator’s goal to put a complex yet natural-looking background, and, if possible, they aim to make realistic characters which blend together and make a realistic whole. Artists attempt to do this in such a way that the people watching will not think that a movie is generated by computers or made with the participation of the actors acting in front of the camera. This plan of simulating real human characters is definitely not going to happen in the near future. However, a concept like making realistic people can have a bearing in the film and computer animation industry for future developments.

Animators for computer games and television are doing animation using photorealistic design with a high detail. The quality of computer animation used in making movies would take many years to accomplish if you are using a personal computer alone. To make the photorealistic design possible, powerful and high quality computer work stations are used. The workstations that are used to make computer animations are specialized to render the images for a soft realistic output of the cartoon.

Mildred K. Pearson

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