5 Reasons Why Reverse Belly Button Rings Are Popular

People who choose to wear rings in their belly button often forget that there is the option of wearing reverse belly button rings. The name comes from that fact that the ring is structured in such a way that it fits into the bottom of the belly piercing and hangs from the top. Apart from being fashionable the ring also has a lot of advantages which is apparent to its users once they wear it.

A majority of the popular belly rings that are presently available in the market are the top down belly button rings, dangle belly button rings and the playboy belly rings. These often come with various zodiac sign symbols and playboy tag attached to it for girls who want to display their sensual side as a wearer of the ring.

Nowadays diamond studded rings are also available for the rich and the famous in all well know and fashionable jewelery shops in town.


1. The primary advantage of a reverse belly ring is that it is considered much safer to wear in comparison to other standard rings. It is structurally designed in such a way that it makes the ring hard to get attached to clothing, which happens to other types of belly rings.

2. It is also an often occurrence that other sort of belly rings can get caught to a passing object or person and if it accidentally gets torn off it may cause severe pain to its user. Belly ring wearers are often aware and cautious of this scenario and want to avoid such painful incidents under all circumstances.

3. Reverse belly button rings also come in a number of fashionable shapes and sizes to suit the varied taste and style of its wearers. The most popular shapes include butterflies and flowers. If you are looking for something simpler you can go for bar shaped piercings which displays a smart and elegant look.

4. Whether you are looking for a trendy one or for a simple looking fashionable belly rings, reverse belly button rings are always there to serve you with a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Compared with standard rings, these reverse belly button rings have much more variety.

5. Another major advantage of the reverse belly rings is that the typically hanging look of the object makes it more fashionable to buy than the normal ordinary belly rings and if you haven’t considered buying one yet it’s time that you consider wearing one now.

Mildred K. Pearson

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